When I’m with by bf I get way too wet.. It is really irritating because it feel amazing at the start but then i get so aroused that I can’t feel anything and I think my bf also think it’s a problem even though he won’t admit it

Hi Darling,
First, consider yourself lucky not to experience any dryness during sex, but I do get it, it can be irritating when sex becomes slippery and you don’t feel much friction. The first obvious thing you can do, which isn’t very glamorous but hey, sex isn’t always perfect, is to dry yourself up with a cloth or a tissue to remove some excess wetness. It’s okay, don’t be ashamed. Secondly, you could try new positions and find out which one increases the friction and feels better for both of you. Finally, if your boyfriend isn’t using a condom, you could make him wear one, possibly a ribbed/textured one (those are made to increase friction) x