so I’ve been talking to this guy who I met at a party in September (he fingered me there) & we haven’t met up since. we’ve been getting on really well personally and we’ve also been sharing nudes & videos. however I really like him (I think he likes me too, I’m the 1st girl he sent nudes to & has properly spoken to) but he said he can’t do relationships bc he’s scared of them as his parents marriage was awful. I’m also scared it could be awkward if we met up bc we haven’t talked in person sober.

Hi Darling,
You should definitely have a “sober” meet-up as it’s very easy to lead someone on via texts. The only way you’ll find out if he likes you back and he’s actually genuine is to meet up in a very casual way (no alcohol involved too) and talk properly. I’m not saying he’s all bullshit but you should definitely see him face to face before you start dreaming of a relationship with a guy you barely know as of today. I hope it’ll work out eventually 🙂 ♥ keep me updated! x