So I’m going on dates with this guy (3 so far I think) and it’s great. I’ve known him since elementary school and it’s just comfortable, he stares at me a lot he takes pictures of me it’s obvious he’s interested in me. But he still texts his ex? I think they broke up like 6 months or so ago I’m not sure. How should I feel about this? He let me hold his phone and she texted him and idk it bothers me ..

Hi Darling,
Some people are lucky enough to remain friends with their exes, and it’s okay a far as friendship goes. You’re obviously allowed to be upset about him texting his ex openly but before you start thinking about the worse and make up your own opinion about what’s really happening there, you should have a serious talk with this guy and see where he actually stands with his ex gf right now, it’s okay to be curious as long as you’re being mature and respectful about it. People have history together and you cannot erase the past, but you can definitely talk about it and see how things are between them now without being the psycho new girlfriend. x