My boyfriend wants to try some new sex poses, and i cant, im very shy about that, how i could rid of my shame? I really love him, and want be the best.

Hi Darling,
There’s thousands and thousands of positions out there, nobody said you had to start with the craziest one right away. Baby steps is the way to go, always. Figure out a position you’ll feel comfortable in, first, and gradually try new things slightly out of your comfort zone… You can’t just go for it right away, obviously and I’m sure your boyfriend will understand that. If doing it in the dark helps you get rid of your insecurities at first, just suggest it, literally anything to make YOU feel good about it. Remember that sex is supposed to be fun and nobody can force you to do anything you’re not comfortable doing. Try, experience, and it’s okay to fail and realize this wasn’t for you. Sex is about discovering yourself and who knows? you might find out a lot more than you thought! x