Hi I have a question. I wanna know why my boyfriend doesn’t get so hard like I would go down on him and he would get hard but when I try to put it inside of me it becomes soft and it happened a few times And I just want him to stay hard.

Hi Darling,
There’s a thousand reasons why a boy can’t stay hard during sex, from pressure, lack of experiences, distraction or medical issues, it’s hard to tell what causes your boyfriend his erectile dysfunction but you can probably figure it out. Maybe he’s nervous about his performance, afraid he can’t please you and that kind of pressure can definitely make the toughest soldier go limb in no time. The good thing is that he’s able to get hard during foreplay, which means it’s probably nothing “medical” and most likely due to his “stage fright” – what you need to do is get him comfortable enough, set the mood and let him know he’s making you feel good, just speak up, communicate. What he needs to hear is that he’s doing everything right and he has nothing to be afraid of. It’s pretty common and quite flattering actually. You need to be patient, caring and open to discussion. Make him feel free to talk about whatever is bothering him (sometimes, life issues gets in the way and he just gets distracted) but it doesn’t have anything to do with you, so don’t worry about that. Build a safe place around him and talk about it if he’s willing to. As long as you’re casual and fine with it, he’ll probably feel better and this tiny problem will be solved in no time.