Hey! :) I saw that u give really good adviceand that’s why I thought you maybe have one for me too. My girlfriend and I are together for a month and I really love her, more than anything. But her ex girlfriend… she was really shitty (like stop talking for 3 weeks and then coming back with a big love confession) and broke her heart, but she lives near to my gf (we’re a LD couple) and she’s so much prettier than me, uff. I’m so jealous, I know my gf is missing her, bc she was her first love. :c

Hi Darling,
The most important thing here is to trust your girlfriend, which I’m sure you do? just because she has a past with that girl doesn’t mean she wants to get back with her. Like you said, she broke her heart and treated her badly, so I’m sure she can’t be willing to go through this all over again. There will always be “something” between them, and that something is a past story, nothing else. Yes, she cared for that girl for a while, yes she probably was in love and it being her first real love obviously meant something, but now she’s with you. She loves you. She cares about you and being close to her ex won’t change a thing unless she stops caring about you too. If you’re uncomfortable with the current situation, just let her know how you feel and be honest without assuming she could be cheating on you given the chance. Just let her know you love her and you’re afraid she might get hurt again if she gets too close to her ex. Long Distance shouldn’t be a reason for her to get back together with the girl who hurt her in the first place. So please communicate a lot and show her that you’re 10x better than this girl 🙂 x