my BF wants me to sit on his face. any tips on movement/how to stay comfortable and stuff?

Hi Darling,

The most comfortable way to sit on a guy’s face is to straddle him with one knee on each side of his face. You can use the head of the bed or the wall for support if you feel like you might get tired or lose your balance. Make sure you’re not covering his nose as you don’t want him to choke (that’d be unfortunate! haha) – The movements are pretty basic, you either sit there and lift yourself up a little so he can reach your pussy/clit with his tongue, or you sit comfortably on his mouth and grind a litltle, back and forth, in circle, in 8 motion, whatever feels GOOD is the right way. You can bounce a little while he sticks his tongue out too… Anything really! don’t hesitate to have a break or change position if your legs get numb but I feel like it’s easier to be on your knees rather to squat, unless you’re a real athlete and can squat for as long as you need to. You can also sit sideways (facing his body) but that means your bum will be directly sat on his nose, which can be a turn on for a guy but not all girls are comfortable with this. This way, you can use his upper body for support as you bounce on his mouth. Really hot too…

Just have fun and get comfortable! ♥

nothingwrongwithpublicsex: Nothing wrong with sex in public


Nothing wrong with sex in public

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Hi! I’m a girl and I’m having sex with another girl. The other day I had oral sex for the first time and I didn’t feel much. It kind of hurt and I don’t know why. When she fingers me it also hurts. What do you think about it? I love your blog!

Hi Darling,
Oral & fingering isn’t supposed to hurt, so it’s very likely that your partner isn’t doing it right (I’m not saying she’s bad at it or doing it “wrong” but some people need to be stimulated a certain way and obviously, her way of doing it isn’t yours) – what you need to do is to figure out what you like by yourself. Take some time to masturbate and explore your body, locate your most sensitive spot, find out what’s the best rhythm, the right amount of pressure and pretty much everything that works for you and brings you to climax. Then it’s time to communicate. There’s nothing wrong with talking about sex with your partner and let her know what you need to get there. You don’t want to make it sound like she’s a bad lover, so use your words wisely or simply guide her while she’s going down on you. Dirty talking is a good way to subtly suggest what you need/where you need to be touched while making it sound sexy. So just open yourself up a little and talk. x

Hey so my boyfriend wants to eat me out, well I wash and I keep up with myself so I’m clean but I feel like when I get wet from being turned on I stink and I don’t want him to think so too? Is it just a natural smell and he won’t think anything of it and I’m being paranoid or no? Any tips? Thanks!!

Hi Darling,
I get tons and tons of asks like this, trust me, it’s only natural. A vagina will always smell like a vagina, which isn’t acually SO bad unless you have a bad hygiene/diet (which I’m sure you don’t) – your boyfriend won’t mind and some people actually love that smell. Don’t overthink, just relax and remember it’s your natural scent. Those who can’t handle it are just not ready for oral yet. x