Hi, Whenever I’m masturbating with the end of a brush or any way actually, when I come I don’t always get to the actual “coming” part. Like I get the insane pleasure of having it but never the part where you know, I’m coming. Is there something wrong with my body?

Hi Darling,
First thing first: what do you mean by the “part where you’re coming” – do you expect your body to “physically” come, like the act of coming inevitabely means you have to squirt or spill some kind of liquid? 🙂 because this isn’t how things work. Yes, the more you stimulate yourself, the wetter you get, but you can definitely have an orgasm without anything spilling out of your private bits. The insane pleasure / hot flushes etc ARE your orgasm. Don’t expect anything else from it. You’ll definitely know when you have one 😉

Hey! I freaking love your blog! I had my first “alone” orgasm by looking through it! But just a question; I was fingering myself and when I came I squirted a little… and I mean I’m sur it’s totally normal but I didn’t know it could done so easily?? Isn’t it supposed to be “harder” to get a girl to squirted?? Thanks a lot ☺️☺️

Hi Darling,
Well it can be super easy if you’re extremely horny and doing things right!
Congrats on your first squirt ! & thanks for the kind words ♥

I’m honestly really anxious about asking this, but…. is it normal to not enjoy, ah…. putting things inside me (toys, etc). Like. It’s not painful or BAD, and I’m all good on the lubrication front, it just doesn’t feel like anything special to me… I usually just get off by playing with my clit, but I was talking to a few friends the other day and I started feeling bad about not being really into it like they are…

Alright alright alright…. BABE, please don’t you EVER feel like you’re any different, or weird, or anything remotely bad because you don’t enjoy the same things as everyone does. Do you like the same food, enjoy the same music, read the same books, support the same sport teams as your friends? I suppose you don’t….? well, sex is just the same. We don’t always enjoy the same things, and thank god for this because life would be a complete bore if we did.

It’s okay not to enjoy penetration, or at least, not to get off with it.
Some women get off from vaginal stimulation, others prefer clitoral stimulation. You’re one of the latest. It doesn’t mean sex won’t be good, it just means you’re more sensitive from the clit and you just have to play with it to get off.

Don’t stress that out. You’re 100% okay and don’t let anyone make you think otherwise. ♥

Hey Petite, can I just say I love your blog and you; you are such a babe! Just a few questions: I’m a girl that likes to masturbate ( I use a vibrator) and I was just wondering what’s the best way to use it to make come? and how do I know when I’m coming?

Thanks Darling!
It depends on the type of vibrator you’re using? Obviously the best way to use it is to rub it gently against your clit or just leave it there, waiting for magic to happen. I usually don’t need too long before I come when I simply press it against my clit, but yet, I have an extremely sensitive clit…

You’ll definitely know when you’re coming, it just feels like an intense wave of pleasure, you suddenly feel extremely hot. It doesn’t usually last long (unfortunately) but right afterwards you feel relieved, like you don’t need to masturbate anymore. You should be feeling super sensitive too, I mean, right after an orgasm I can BARELY touch my pussy anymore. You’ll know when it happens 😉

is it hard to get wet or insert your finger when you finger yourself for the first time ? I tried today but I just can’t seem to enter …

Hi Darling,
Of course it’s hard, just like every single first time. You just need to take it slow and “listen” to your body. You don’t want to insert your finger(s) right away, you need to prepare your vagina first by rubbing your clit for as long as you need. Get comfortable, set a little mood and just please yourself. You’ll get wet, do not worry about this, but just take your time to make it good and effective. What you need to do is rub your clit for a while, then start teasing your entrance until you feel wet enough to go a little further. Start with just one finger so you get used to the feeling and just pump it in and out very slow… When you’re fully accomodated to the feeling, try and slip another finger in and just repeat the same motion over and over… Then you can try and “curve” your fingers like in a “come here” motion and try and reach that special spot. You’ll know when you hit it.

Just take your time, make sure to be wet enough (and if you don’t get wet easily, you can use your own saliva to make it easier!) x